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Superior Donuts

by Tracy Letts
Director: Mary Lynn Dobson
Production dates: Nov. 6-21, 2015

Auditions: Fri, June 19 at 7:00 & Sat, June 20 at 12:00.
Callbacks: Sun, June 21 at 12:00.
Auditions & callbacks are at the Summit Playhouse

Synopsis: Arthur owns a decrepit donut shop in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Defeated and unambitious, he goes through life basically existing. Franco Wicks, a young, charismatic African-American college student with a past, finds his way into the shop and asks to be hired. Arthur ends up giving him a job and in turn Franco ends up giving Arthur hope, leaving both men changed forever. This comedy-drama by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tracy Letts (August: Osage County) explores the challenges of embracing the past and the redemptive power of friendship.

Arthur Przybyszewski: Must read late 50's -- Polish American. A hold-over from the 60's, his daily routine consists of carrying on the legacy of his father's dated donut shop. He is literate, well-educated, gruff with a wonderful dry humor. A draft dodger, he still hasn't reconciled his actions and his anti-establishment beliefs linger in his values. The actor must be comfortable doing stage combat for a fight sequence.

Franco Wicks: Must read early 20's -- African-American. The spark plug of the play. He has written what he calls, the new great American novel. He is quick witted, street smart, wise beyond his years and undeniably likable. A versatile wordsmith he can go from the hood to ivy league in a flash. He is very good at talking his way in and out of situations, but when a gambling debt catches up with him, this proves futile. The actor needs to have verbal and physical dexterity.

Max Tarasov: Must read 45 to 50's -- Russian immigrant. A video store owner who came to Chicago to pursue the American dream. He is driven, hard-working and is larger than life. He has many of the play's funniest lines. Ability to speak in a Russian accent a plus.

Luther Flynn: Must read 40 to 50's. Irish/Italian-American. A small time boss/loan shark/bookie and a person you don't want as an enemy. He has an ulcer and is constantly medicating himself. Although he has a minion to do his dirty work, he will not run from a fight. The actor must be comfortable doing stage combat for a fight sequence.

Officer Randy Osteen (female): Mid to late 40's -- Irish American. A Chicago beat cop and Officer James' senior partner. She is single, the middle child of seven brothers and a big sports fan. Underneath her cop exterior, she has a big heart and is at times funny without realizing it. She can be tough but around Arthur she displays a charming awkwardness. She cleans up nicely.

Officer James Bailey: 30's to 40's -- African American. A Chicago beat cop and Officer Randy's partner. He understands the neighborhood and its people. Like a good cop he is part cop/part social worker. In his off time he is a Star Trek fanatic.

Kevin Magee: 20 to 30s -- Irish American. A thug who flaunts his place in the small-time mob world. Serves as the physical back up for Luther when collecting bad debts, etc. Needs to look like he can handle himself in a fight.

Lady Boyle (female): Must read late 60's to 70's -- Irish-American. A part-time recovering alcoholic homeless lady, who is often a bit less than lucid. She can always count on Arthur for a donut.

Kiril Ivakin: 20s-30s -- Russian immigrant. Max's nephew who has just come to the United States from Russia. A gentle giant that could hurt someone on demand. Speaks no English but will speak a line or two in Russian. Familiarity with Russian a plus, but not necessary.


17:41 EDT Jun 03, 2015

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